Friday, December 13, 2013

Water Watch

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia is one of the best places to visit around this region. It has long beautiful stretch of beaches which normally full of locals surfing during the weekend. They came with their family members watching their buddy surfing.
Their beaches are very clean and beautiful, because every morning the municipal workers, comes with tractors, tidy up the areas immediately.

Look, how clean their beach, birds also likes to play around

Stretches of beautiful and clean beaches

The Gold Coast Water Authority had enforced a water restriction policy that I think good for our water authorities to implement. The policy is an initiative to reduce the unnecessary water loss whereby they had enforced the hotel operator to put on water restriction stickers, for saving of water in all the hotel bathrooms. If we follow the instruction strictly, a lot of water can be saved.

Water Restriction Sticker In The Bathroom

Be A Water Saver, Save Water For The Future

It is a strategic approach by their water authority in reducing water loss and managing water wisely.

By implementing these procedures their water treatment plant will be able to operate at lesser hours and thus reducing the usage of energy, chemicals, man hours and the operating cost.

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  1. You take good pictures. Why not feature more of Terengganu coastline scenes?
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