Friday, June 15, 2012

Bicester Village 2009

We departed Copenhagen, Denmark to London via British Airways. The flight took us about one hour and after we landed at the Heathrow Airport we took taxis to our hotel. It was quite a distance from Heathrow but it is in the centre business district London.

Holiday Villa London, being at the central London District at 37 Leinster Gardens, London W2 3AN, has easy access to many underground station. The nearest is Bayswater Underground Station. It took us 5 minutes walk from the hotel to the tube and it is also quite near to the Paddington Rail Station. 

Map of Holiday Villa Hotel
The hotel serve halal Malaysian cuisine but it is not so difficult to find halal food in this area. Just walked through Bayswater Street, you'll find abundance of halal food such as kebab, beriani rice and etc. 

At the entrance of the hotel lobby
Since we are going to stay a few more days at London, tomorrow we plan to go to Chic Summer Outlet Shopping at Bicester Village. 
Various Chic Outlet Store
A view at Bicester Village
Typical factory oulet store at Bicester Village
Map of Factory Outlet

The most popular choice of public transport to get to Bicester Village is by train. From London you will need to get the train from Marylebone station. The journey to Bicester North station takes just over 1 hour. The train fares and schedules varies, and you can either checked at the station or from the website: or From Bicester North station you can take a Bicester Village shuttle bus for a small fee (or buy a ticket inclusive of shuttle) that runs every 15 minutes and takes approximately 10 minutes to get you to Bicester Village.

Boarding the train to Bicester Village
Beautiful countryside can be seen through window panes as we travel from the Marylebone Train Station towards Bicester North where we will have to exit. From Bicester North, there are shuttle buses to take us to Bicester Village.

Scenic view along the countryside
These are typical images in the countryside of United Kingdom, outskirts of London.  A very serene atmosphere around the village with cattle breeding farm within the viscinty.  

Few cattles at the far end
View of a cottage and cattle breeding farm
A small township along the railway line
Another view of the houses along the track
Garments such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Dockers, Timberland, Fred Perry, Hugo Boss, Samsonite and e.t.c were sold at half the original price. It's worth buying these goods because its a good buy and you could not get a good discount at other outlets in London. After spending one whole day at the shopping outlets, it's time to go back to London. Tomorrow morning we are going to have a one day trip to Paris.

At Bicester North train stop 
Waiting for the train to London

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