Friday, January 2, 2009

Visit Milan, Italy 2008

The first transit when we traveled with Emirates Air is Dubai Airport. Dubai Airport is one of the busiest airport in the middle eastern region, probably one of the busiest in the world. We have to wait for about 5 hours before we fly to our next destination....Milano, Italy.

Ample time to relax and chat with our groups. Drinking coffee refreshes our mind before we depart to our next destination.

Group photo infront of our hotel, The Best Western Galles Hotel

Breakfast at the hotel with Hj Din of JBANS

Dinner with Mr. Roberto Guozonni, Isoil Managing Director at on of the finest Milano seafood restaurant

The nearest halal restaurant. Bryiani, chicken curry, mutton curry, nan etc are available here. But there are various kebab restaurants to within a walking distance from here. Everyday take Bryiani rice coz Kebabs does not satisfy our hunger.

Shopping complex just nearby our hotel. It rains heavily today. Very cold, the temperature is about 15-18 degree celcius

A tourist agent explaning something to us about the history of Milano

At one of the exclusive shopping can find here branded fashionware such as Versace, Givenchy, Emilio Valentino etc and lots of other Italian brands

Just arrived at Malpensa Airport... on the way back to Kuala Lumpur via Dubai, Singapore......another long hours transit (9 hours at Dubai Airport)

Waiting for the check-in counter to open.....

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