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Visit Copenhagen Denmark 2009

This year 19 April 2009, it was my very lucky year. I have never dreamed that I'm going a Scandinavian country. I love to go there because their country are very beautiful. It is very fortunate that I was sent by my company to attend a technical visit to Denmark. Accompanying my trip this time, is an officer from the State's Financial Controller Office and of course my immediate boss, Senior Operation Manager  is going also. He will joined us at KLIA (Kuala Lumpur Internqtional Airport at Sepang). 

At the KLIA Airport a representative from the contractor whom were doing the NRW works for our company the will join us too. Our flight(via MAS) from Kuala Terengganu depart for Kuala Lumpur at 1615 hours and should reach KL by 1710 hours. So we have ample time to  move around the airport since our flight to Denmark is 2355 hours.

From KLIA, we board MAS to Amsterdam. I do not know why we must transit at Amsterdam but I reckoned there is no direct flight to Copenhagen, Denmark offered by MAS. Anyway it's worth while stopping at Amsterdam, Holland because I have never been to this place before. We landed at the Schipol Airport at about 0630 hours the next morning.

You can see at the far end the signage of the Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Holland. It is supposed to be one of the busiest airport in Europe and probably one of the busiest in the world after Heathrow, London, Frankfurt, Germany. From here we have to board KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to our next destination Copenhagen, Denmark. The departure time is about 10.15 hours and the flight took us about 1 hour.

 At Schipol Airport Amsterdam Posing with a Porche
During the transit at Schiphol Airport,  Amsterdam and have some time to take some pictures

Still at the airport and this ia a Ferrari. On the way to departure hall

 This the hotel@Copenhagen

Capturing the memory@Infront of the Hotel

This is the hotel that we are going to stay for another 3 days, The Centrum Hotel. The hotel is within the  centre business district. It's quite a nice hotel. I checked in at the hotel without my luggage. I do not know where is my luggage. It was not in the luggage bay. I tried to search at the other bay but still couldn't find, I think it must have lost somewhere. So I launched a report at the complaint counter. Initially they went to look for my luggage but it does not found. They gave me a report slip and the promise to deliver to my hotel as soon as they found the luggage. So we proceed to our hotel hoping that they found it.

Young girl, nice looking receptionist 

This girl is a receptionist and after we checked in, I invite for a photo shot. Being a hotel receptionist she is very polite and friendly. She's a part time worker, still schooling, her age about 16 years old.

After checked in we went for eating  at one of the restaurant nearby. This restaurant seems to be selling halal food. The  restaurant sound like middle eastern  origin.

Thee Nearest Halal Outlet Near to The Hotel

It stated as halal. You can clearly see on the menu. I took my lunch and dinner at this kebab house almost every day. The owner I supposed from middle eastern origin, maybe a Jordanian. Here we can eat Biryani with chicken masalla or beef or chicken kebab. I'ts better than nothing or else we have to take bread only.

Waiting for colleague to join for breakfast at the hotel

After went for makan I checked again at the reception counter whether my luggage or not have delivered or not, the receptionist told me that there is no delivery. I do not know what went wrong, I have no other clothing except the one that I wore, a tee shirt and a jacket. The temperature here is quite cold, it.s about 10-15  degree celcius.  My luggage is still missing and I have to bear with it. The day is getting darker and I don't think they will deliver toda, but I hope I will get it tomorrow.
After having my dinner we check the status from the internet at the hotel but they haven't found it  yet. All my toiletries are in the luggage so I cannot brush my teeth, cannot change my clothing and cannot do anything.

I'm very worried because about my lost luggage since we are leaving for London on the 3rd day. Our flight is 1030 hours and it will take about 1 hour to reached London. 
On the second day we went for a city tour and I have to wear my attire that I have worn in the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Copenhagen but  the temperature here is quite cold and you still feel confortable. 

The sight seeing bus pick up station is just a few minutes walk from the hotel. We walked to the bus station after filling our stomach with breakfast at the hotel. The city tour took us about half day to. After all Copenhagen is not a big city, but it a very beautiful and clean city.

From here we will go to various places depending on the package tour that we have purchased. One of the place that we must visit is the little mermaid at the Copenhagen Harbour, the changing or Royal Guard at Amalienborg Palace, the winter home of the Danish royal family. During this time it is possible to see a full changing of the Royal Guard. The Royal Guard march, to a military band, from the barracks at Rosenborg Castle (the home of the Crown Jewels) in the King's Garden, through the streets of Copenhagen to perform the changing ceremony at Amalienborg Palace. The whole changing ceremony takes almost an hour. The Guard set off from Rosenborg Castle at 11:30 am and arrive at Amalienborg Palace at noon

At last on the second day in Copenhagen Finally the airport authority delivered my luggage to the hotel on the second day of my staynchecked in and went to collect my luggage but to my surprise all my colleague collected all their luggage but mine luggage is missing

This guard have to remain stand still for many hours. It's not an easy job.                                              He must be very strong guys

                                           Tourist waiting the changing of Royal Guards

These women patient waiting for the time of guard changing

The marching of the Royal Guard during a changing session

These Royal Guards are very young. Their ages ranging from 18 years to 22 years

                                                           Haji Sofi from Hatimuda

                                                      Me and the blossoming flowers

                                                          Somewhere around the port

                                               One of the famous tourist attraction place

The Little Mermaid

                                             At the parking bay near The Little Mermaid

                                               A glimpse of Denmark's beautiful scenery 

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