Friday, December 26, 2008

Venezia Trip, Italy 2008

On the way to Venezia...One and a half hours drive from Milano
A ship harbouring at Venezia waters. A very big one, may be a Star Cruise

Venezia comprises of hundreds of island. Just landed at one of the busiest island, the commercial center. Behind is Gondolas Station
The Gondolas or the Water Taxi at Venezia is the main transportation means

One of the water ways at Venezia

The Venezia's famous Rialto Bridge at the far end

Venezia at night, scene taken from the rear of the ferry. Way back to the parking area and then to our hotel at Milano
Bye-bye Venezia till we meet again. A very beautiful night shot

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  1. I have been on that bridge! Thanks for a great photo, your blog is interesting!


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