Monday, December 29, 2008

Visit Luzern, Switzerland 2008

Beautiful scenary of Switzerland. Taken on the high speed interstate train from Milano to Luzern

The train passed through very steep valleys which aligned parallel to the road at far down

This is another view taken from the train. The beautiful lakes which stretches many kilometers across the country. Switzerland is a hilly country with beautiful valleys forming various natural lakes

Map of Various Train Stations

View at Luzern Train Station

Schiffer Hotel, Luzern where we stayed. Very nice hotel, the rooms are well decorated and very spaciuos. Lacated at the centre of business district

At the lobby, just checked in. See, the beautiful receptionist is waving her hand to our photographer . A warm welcome to all of us

Lunch at the restaurant at one of the shopping complex in Luzern. Just arrive don't know where to go for eating. This place is just a few minutes walk from the hotel

This is actualy an old castle bought by a Russian Tycoon. He converted this castle for to accomodate his own retreat and also for his guest

Back to Milano from Luzern

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